Occupational Health and Safety Representative

Duration: 2 days 08h00 to 16h30 (1 hour lunch)
Summary: The course will provide the learner with an understanding the legislation, employers role, employees role, the role of the workplace health and safety representative and the health and safety committees within the work environment.
Accreditation: Aligned to unit standard 259622 Describe the functions of the workplace health and safety representative NQF level 02. SAIOSH accredited for two CPD points.
Content: Modules:

  1. Describe the framework of workplace health and safety legislation pertaining to health and safety representatives.
  2. Explain the specified requirements to conduct safety, health and environmental representation activities at a working place.
  3. Address safety, health and environment related issues within the scope of authority.
  4. Comply with the activities within safety, health and environmental structures
Entry requirements: ABET level 4 (Basic reading, writing and arithmetic). Medium of instruction and training materials are in English..
Min/max number of learners Minimum: 8 learners per course

Maximum: 25 learners per course

Who Should Attend: A course for employees who are required to undertake the role and responsibility of a health and safety representative in the workplace.

SHE practitioners.