Portable skills: Basic Plumbing

Duration: 20 full days or 40 half days
Summary: Our portable skills are designed to offer the learner the opportunity to gain skills which they do not currently have, to be able to gain entry into an industry/sector they are currently not working in. Basic plumbing training covers entry level skills into construction plumbing fields to enable learners to work under supervision.
Content: Modules:

  1. Install and maintain basic plumbing components

1.2  Understand and describe basic plumbing principles.

1.3  Install and maintain a water supply system under supervision.

1.4  Install and maintain a below ground drainage system under supervision.

1.5  Install and maintain above ground drainage components and sanitary fittings under supervision

Entry requirements: ABET level 4 (Basic reading, writing and arithmetic). Communication, science, literacy and mathematical skills at NQF Level 1.Medium of instruction and training materials are in English.

Minimum course duration 20 days theoretical and practical training.

Min/max number of learners Minimum: 12 learners per courseMaximum: 18 learners per course
Who Should Attend: Employees wishing to expand their skills base and knowledge outside of their current industry or scope of work.