Moderator Training

Duration: 4 days contact (classroom), 08h00 to 16h00 (1 hour lunch)
Summary: A modular course for those who are required to undertake moderation of assessment within their field of expertise. Learners will be required to submit portfolio of evidence after completion of the contact programme for evaluation of competence.
Accreditation: ETDP SETA accredited against unit standard 115759 Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments NQF level 05, 10 credits.
Content: Modules:
1. Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system.
2. Plan and prepare for moderation.
3. Conduct moderation.
4. Advise and support assessors.
5. Report, record and administer moderation.
6. Review moderation systems and processes.
Entry requirements: Learners attending this programme should have numeracy and literacy competencies commensurate with a NQF level 04.
Learners must have attained or completed the unit standard 115753 Conduct outcomes-based assessment. Access to training records and a training quality management system setting out assessment and moderation standards is essential.
Minimum Course duration 4 days.
Medium of instruction and training materials are in English.
Min/max number of learners Minimum: 8 learners per course
Maximum: 15 learners per course
Who Should Attend: People credited with this unit standard will contribute towards the achievement of a variety of qualifications, particularly within the fields of Education Training and Development Practices and Human Resource Development.