Fire Fighting Advanced Workplace Fire Fighter

Duration: 2 days 08h00 to 16h30 (1 Hour lunch break)
Summary: A modular course for employee’s who are appointed as fire fighters for work areas in industrial, manufacturing and construction sites, who have completed a level 1 fire fighting course, so as to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety act. The course is based on the International Fire Prevention Association standards
Accreditation: The course is aligned to unit standard 12484 Perform basic fire fighting NQF level 02, with additional modules to meet the need for a more advanced fire fighter in the workplace. SAIOSH accredited for two CPD points.
Content: Modules:

  1. The Workplace Fire Fighter and Fire Team
  2. The Emergency Scene
  3. How to Alert the Emergency Services
  4. The Fire Tetrahedron
  5. Fire Extinguishers / reels Flat Line Hose
  6. Foam
  7. Types of Fire & Extinguishing Techniques
  8. Three Man Fire Hose Drill
  9. Command and Control
  10. Ventilation
  11. Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  12. Breathing Apparatus
  13. START. Triage
Entry requirements: ABET level 4 (Basic reading, writing and arithmetic). Medium of instruction and training materials are in English.
Fire fighting level 1 certification.
Min/max number of learners Minimum: 8 learners per course
Maximum: 20 learners per course
Who Should Attend: All employees who are tasked or appointed as fire fighters at their place of work where the workplace risk assessment calls for a higher fire protection. Any person who would like to attain advanced workplace fire fighting skills.