Fire Awareness

Duration: 1 day 08h00 to 16h30 (30 minute lunch break)
Summary: A modular course for employees who required to be aware of the risk of fire in their workplace. The course is based on the International Fire Prevention Association standards. This course is not Unit Standard based.
Accreditation: This course is designed to meet the need for work situations requiring employees to be aware of the risk of fires. Learners are assessed and a certificate of competence issued for successful candidates.
Content: Modules:

  1. Types and classification of fires
  2. Fire Starters
  3. Hot works
  4. Fire procedures
  5. Use of fire extinguishers (includes practical use of a hand held extinguisher)
  6. Fire risk assessment
Entry requirements: ABET level 4 (Basic reading, writing and arithmetic). Medium of instruction and training materials are in English.
Min/max number of learners Minimum: 8 learners per course
Maximum: 30 learners per course
Who Should Attend: All employees who are required to be aware of the risk of fire in the workplace.