Confined Space Entry (2 day programme with simulated practical entry)

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Duration: 2 days (8 am to 4:30 pm) ( 1 hour lunch break)
Summary: The course outcomes will allow the entrant, attendant, or supervisor to safely and confidently understand and evaluate the hazards and procedures associated with confined spaces.
This training will help you to differentiate between a Permit-Required confined space and a Non-Permit-Required confined space. The course will address the hazards associated with confined spaces and it will outline the duties and responsibilities of all members of a confined space entry team, emergency rescue procedures, and plan development.
In addition this course will discuss the need for appropriate personal protective equipment and the selection characteristics for each level of protection.
Accreditation: Amokoro Training is CETA accredited against unit standard 15034 work in confined spaces on construction sites NQF level 02. SAIOSH accredited for two CPD points.
Content: Modules:
1. A brief introduction that highlights causes of mishaps, regulations pertaining to “confined space,” minimising risks associated with working in confined space, and mandatory training requirements
2. A discussion of conditions that contribute to hazards associated with confined spaces
3. Introduction to evaluation and classification of confined space
4. Description of employer responsibilities Description and explanation of permits and forms
5. Explanation of “pre-entry” procedures
6. Identification and description of required equipment
7. Individual written tasks are completed as part of a portfolio of evidence covering each topic to reinforce knowledge gained. This is collected during the training programme and is returned to the trainer at the end of the day course.
8. Plan for and conduct a simulated entry into a confined space as a practical exercise is conducted on day 2 of the course programme.
Entry requirements: ABET level 4 (Basic reading, writing and arithmetic). Medium of instruction and training materials are in English.
Min/max number of learners Minimum: 08 learners per course
Maximum: 20 learners per course
Who Should Attend: All employees who are tasked with entry into confined spaces and supervision of entry into confined spaces.